on 2022-07-03

August 2022

  • Created a custom Arch repo for hosting self built packages use mainly for testing purposes.
  • Started adding Pinebook Pro support to EndeavourOS
  • Using systemd nspawn to build packages in a clean chroot
  • Setting up cloudflare workers to mirror my custom Arch repo

July 2022

  • Using Calamares in x64 environment for the complete installation of EndeavourOS ARM
  • Using icecream distributed compiler and ccache to speed put package builds
  • Exploring WireGuard based VPN Tailscale to connect multiple computers in different network so as to use them for distributed compiling
  • Learning and using PyQt
  • Exploring file permissions on Linux
  • Finish setting up my blog and server

June 2022

  • Preparing for EndeavourOS Artemis Release
  • Integrating ARM install script inside x64 Live ISO
  • Writing simple bash programs to execute repitive tasks
  • Exploring the TIG (Telegraf InfluxDB Graphana) Stack to log and visualize data from my computers
  • Learning more about systemd services, creating and enabling them for certain tasks like using rsync to copy files at a repeated interval

May 2022

  • Graphical install process for EndeavourOS ARM
  • Building kernels and other packages for ARM repo
  • Using pacman cache servers to reduce bandwith for package downloads and to speed up image build tiems

April 2022

  • Adding btrfs option for EndeavourOS ARM install
  • Improving EndeavourOS ARM install using Wi-Fi